We are Nelika

We believe every design is an artistic production born in studios big or small. We are from Nelika family and call ourselves NELIKA STUDIOS.

Expert team is waiting for you

Most of companies give you advice’s and then restrictions. Our expertise is in providing the right solutions to meet your needs and dreams.

Digital strategy for all brands

We live in an era powered by Smartphones and Googling. If you are not online on search, you might miss a chance. We always try to bring the beautiful smile of our customers with our awesome works.

About Us


Me and my brother was always passionate about technology and it was he who got me my first laptop. Though I never took Computer Science in school studies, the computer application in commerce and the laptop opened up my skills in the area. Until 2016 we were doing projects for our dear and nears. But soon we started to get more assignment and decided to formally name it.

A name has lot to interpret for a company, so we decided to use our family name as the brand name ‘NELIKA’. I always believed everything was driven by design in this small world and creatives are born in studios. Thus NELIKA STUDIOS was born along with my 22nd Birthday.


At NELIKA STUDIOS we provide an array of services to the digital world.


A customer might be hunting for his favourite product when the shop is closed and you are sleeping. But if you have a website, it takes care of your customer management. At Nelika we ensure that your website is catch all your customers.

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Online Ads

Normally everyone calls it Digital Marketing, but we call it online ad management since marketing that requires a lot of hardwork. Probably digital marketing is the most common word nowadays as everyone is behind it, so we too!

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Brand Design

Brand design is probably one of the toughest businesses in town!. Creation and creativity need to work hand in hand for the birth of the brand. Brand is your impression in the minds of customers and its how they recognise you even at any location.

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