Websites are probably the first impression to any customer. At Nelika we ensure that your website is designed using the latest & updated technologies and best designs.

Why u need a website.?

In the era of Googling, every customer basically Googles for the service or product. If your service/product is not listed on the Internet, probably the Google or any other search engine will miss that too. Hope that explains the need of websites. A customer might be hunting for his favourite product when the shop is closed and you are sleeping. But if you have a website, it takes care of your customer management.

How much it costs.?

To kick start maybe you can choose a normal website and there are hundreds of places where you can build for free. What we have seen over the years that everyone tries out the free package, in the beginning, trying to save money, but end up coming to companies like us later. We have our price calculator below, which can be used to have an idea on how much it will cost.