Brand design is probably one of the toughest businesses in town!. Creation and creativity need to work hand in hand for the birth of the brand. Brand is your impression in the minds of customers and its how they recognise you even at any location.

Do you need a brand.?

Any company would obviously start with a logo. So what if you are starting with a common logo..? Well once your company grows up, yur customers won’t be able to differentiate your.

Brand value.

Probably a simple example to cite is the case of Anchor switches which is most familiar to everyone. But Anchor is now owned by Panasonic, but they didn’t replace the brand name and design. It still remains the same. That is what we call brand value.

How can Nelika help.?

Nelika Studios can help you create your brand, that is going last for a lifetime. Branding is not just creating a logo, we need to create an entire corporate identity and ensure that everything is in line with the standards of design. Branding will help prepare your ads, business documents and much more.