Normally everyone calls it Digital Marketing, but we call it online ad management since marketing that requires a lot of hard work. Probably digital marketing is the most common word nowadays as everyone is behind it, so we too!

What’s better in Digital Marketing

It is estimated that an average Indian spends a minimum of 2.5 hours on mobile internet. Yes, thats true and they might be spending time watching youtube, going through Instagram feeds or facebook or at least doing a google search. These are the most common places an ad can appear. The best thing is the mass outreach, you don’t need to pay separately for each edition of print media. Unlike conventional methods, the Ads are shown only to those who might be interested in the product or service. The best part is analytics

How much it costs.?

Cost varies based on platform. We only charge for the management and design of the Ads. Rest goes to Facebook / Instagram / Google / LinkedIn. Submit your request to get your free quote.