Lead Generation for B2B and Enterprise

We talked about why it is not required to generate leads for B2C when the products are simple and low priced.

Consumers need not go through a long decision-making process to buy such products and most of the products are purchased on impulse.

Without generating leads for a B2B product or service it is very difficult to sell it. The products are high priced and also complex in nature.

Do you think a digital marketing agency, will get customers if it puts a billboard in a busy junction? It might help in brand awareness, but people are not just going to see an ad and buy a complex service with a 6-months contract.

When you are selling high-end services and products for B2B and Enterprise, lead generation is also easy.

You might be thinking that isn’t lead generation difficult in such cases?


Lead generation is easy – but the sales and conversion process is difficult. To sell well, you need a brand, and a good offer combined with a strong sales pitch.

Let’s take an example of a company with products and services for high-end clients. Wipro serving HDFC Bank. If Wipro has to sell their software development services to HDFC, they will not be generating leads online nor will they advertise their services. They will get in contact with the right decision-makers.

Getting a response from the decision-makers and closing the deal is not easy, but the lead generation is not difficult. You just know who your target customers are and you get in touch with them. Your target customers will be very low in number.

So lead generation is NOT required via digital marketing if you are selling very simple B2C products or very high-end B2B and Enterprise products

Lead Generation is required when you are selling high priced complex B2C products or low priced B2B products.

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